Biotech benefits

FastFinder is the perfect tool to add more value for your customers and make manufacturing, testing, distributing, validating & managing assays much easier.

Easier support and training

Give customers easy, fast & standardized support online, get better insights in the malfunctioning of your assay at the customer site. Train them to use one software that automates large parts of the PCR-analysis.

Multi-cycler approach

Our software supports all your assays. You can distribute the assays through one platform that supports multiple types of PCR-analysis. When developing assays, you can rely on one software solution that is compatible with any brand of cycler you choose. Validation for all the different cycler's software is no longer required.

Validation insights

Get validation insights in how your assays perform. You can notice when results are being overruled. This data allows you to be proactive towards customer problems. You can also follow up seasonal trending and the number of tests run from afar.

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