End-user benefits

UgenTec allows you to give your customers a flexible, automated and standardized software platform called FastFinder. Our platform automates time-consuming & difficult parts of the PCR interpretation process. Results are standardized and no longer prone to subjectivity. What's more is that our platform can be linked to any cycler.


Give your clients the smart automation they need. Our automated features allow them to speed up real-time PCR and free up time to do more things in just as much time. Experimental setup, quality management, data archiving and more tasks associated with PCR diagnostics are also fully automated when using FastFinder.

FastFinder applies an unambiguous identification of results, eliminating subjectivity. Our algorithm then automatically pushes these results through the assay-specific decision tree, resulting in a list of clearly defined true positives and true negatives.

FastFinder transfers all PCR results into your customers' LIS automatically. Manually transferring or copy-pasting of results is no longer needed. They no longer have to install or validate Excel spreadsheets, scripts or macros.

FastFinder contains a QC module which allows you and your clients to automatically follow up QC samples in Levey-Jennings control charts. This way, easy trend analysis of assay and instrument performance can be applied. UgenTec develops this QA module according to the latest version of ISO standards, such as ISO15184.

Furthermore, FastFinder stores audit trails on all data and digitizes archives which allows you to look into all your experiment data at any time.


Free your clients from any obstacle that could negatively influence PCR-analysis. Your clients know how to run their lab. With FastFinder, you have the perfect balance between control of your assays and the freedom molecular labs want.

If a laboratory is located on multiple sites, FastFinder allows laboratories to work easily cross-border to increase efficiency and to reduce resource costs. Technical validation is thus automatically standardized over all locations.

There is no need to learn each individual cycler software. Our software is an all-in-one software solution that is compatible with every commercially available cycler. Lab scientists are freed from different software workflows that are ill-managed and work with a platform that is built to last.


Quality is important. Throughout your clients' interpretation process there is a lot of possibility for human errors to occur. Our algorithm lets them focus on the right things. It translates the knowledge of their best scientist into a standardized interpretation workflow.

Standardization using big data

Industrial software often calls results wrongfully. Certain curves are ambiguous and lab scientist's decisions can result in an entirely different outcome. UgenTec's patented algorithms can handle most assays. If results are off, the algorithm can be trained using historical data from certain assay's interpretation

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